What is the International Society of Neuro-Semantics?

The International Society of Neuro-Semantics was created by Michael Hall and Bobby Bodenhamer in 1996. They wanted to to take NLP to a higher level ethically and professionally.

They envisioned enabling people worldwide living their highest meaning, to translate meaningfulness into lived expressions and to close the knowing–doing gap. The vision is to unleash one’s highest meanings into one’s best performances.


What are the Values of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics?

1) Apply to self: Self-reflection, self-application, congruence, self management skills.

2) Collaboration. Getting along with others, being good team members, contributing, being humble and respectful, recognizing the innate dignity of persons, distinguishing person and behavior, looking for positive intentions.

3) High Performances: Taking effective action, receiving feedback to refine skills to become productive and efficient.

4) Abundance: Creating wealth, leading by going first, giving back to others, contributing,

5) Responsibility: Assuming personal responsibility, eliminating excuses when making a mistake, taking initiate, being proactive, recognizing responsibility for one’s own actions, contributing to others.

6) Quality. Creating quality experiences, trainings, products, customer service, etc.

7) Authentic Communication: Communicating directly to get to the heart of things, ask questions first, seek to understand, etc.

8) Productivity. Effective contributing to make a difference.


Who is Dr. L. Michael Hall?

Dr. L. Michael Hall is the Co-Founder of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics. He is also the co-creator of Neuro-Semantics and the Meta-Coaching System.

He spends most of his time researching and modeling and training internationally. His modeling projects have included modeling excellence in a variety of areas: resilience, self-reflexive consciousness, state management, sales, persuasion, accelerated learning, wealth building, women in leadership, fitness and health, culture and cultural phenomena, and leadership.

He has also authored over 50 books.


What is Neuro-Semantics?

When many people first encounter the term, Neuro-Semantics, they think it is a really big word and perhaps even confusing, thinking that has something to do with neurology or the neuro-sciences. And it does; and yet it also does not. Neuro-Semantics describes two dynamics—meaning and performance. It describes how we literally embody meaning. The meaning or semantics is what we know in our heads — our beliefs, understandings, decisions, etc. The embodying is how we transfer, translate, and incorporate these meanings into our muscle memory.

  • Neuro-Semantics is actualizing your highest and best. It is making real your highest meanings and visions, and it is implementing your best values and ethics.
  • Neuro-Semantics is a field wherein we model the essential structure of experiences using positive psychology models that focus on accessing the best resources and the highest meanings (models from Maslow, Rogers, Csikszentmihalyi, Seligman, Erickson, Korzybski).
  • As such, Neuro-Semantics is about performance—performing your highest meanings so that what you know you can do. It is about meanings—adding the most robust meanings to your life to make things more meaningful and significant.


What is The Meta-Coaching System?


The Meta-Coaching System was created in 2001. Dr. Hall began by interviewing and modeling several expert coaches. He looked for highly qualified men and women in the field who had been in the field for several years, had created a reputation among their colleagues for being ethical and effective, and who were making more than $100,000 USD. That led him to model Graham Richardson (Executive Coach), Michelle Duval (Personal Coach), Cheryl Gilroy (Group and Team Coach), and Dan Bangley, Ph.D. (Executive Coach). Then, with almost every single presentation of Meta-Coaching in more than two dozen countries, they invited other expert coaches who visited the training. They interviewed and modeled them as well.

This enabled them to put the Meta-Coaching System together based on real live experts in the field in addition to reviewing the literature of Coaching. By then integrating both, they were able to design a process for training the Coaching strategies and skills that represented a systematic approach and one that actually delivers in the real world. This enable them to distinguish what makes the difference between being mediocre as a coach and being truly productive, effective, and professional. Since 2002, Dr. Hall have interviewed another 28 expert coaches in more than two dozen countries

The Meta-Coaching System uses the benchmarking process for measuring intangibles like listening, leading, questioning, giving feedback, etc. to specify precise the behavioral measurement of an experience. In this way we can scale how well someone is doing or experiencing a skill or a value.


What is Meta-Coaching?


Meta-Coaching is 1) the art of facilitating1 2)the processes with an individual or organization2 3)to a specific agreed upon outcome3 4)by means of a ruthlessly compassionate conversation4 5)that gets to the heart of things— the client’s core meanings5 and 6) thereby identifying and mobilizing inner and outer resources6 for generative change 7) that leads to develop, unleash, and actualize the client’s potentials for achieving his or her dreams.7

1. Process Facilitating, not consulting, teaching, doing therapy, counseling, mentoring.

2. Applicable for both Individual and group coaching.

3. Using the Well-Formed Outcome process to generate a KPI: Key Performance Indicator for measurement because the client is the expert of his or her goals.

4. An intimate and open relationship created by care (even love) and toughness (confrontation).

5. The frame (interpretation, mental model, meaning) is always the real issue, not the experiences or emotions.

6. People are not broken, but have potential resources for being their best self and actualizing their highest and best.

7. The self-actualization drive within moving clients to become fully alive/ fully human and performing their highest meanings.


What are the different tracks I can take?

Meta-Coaching Track



Modular Trainer

Meta-NLP Practitioner

Meta-NLP Master Practitioner

Neuro-Semantics Trainer


Source: www.neurosemantics.com