Coaching Manila started when I got certified as a Meta-Coach. That was also the first time that the Coaching Mastery Course was first held here in Manila. That’s why I decided to call this site, Coaching Manila.


Coaching Manila, started in Metro Manila, Philippines, but the site can be viewed all over the world. The site is receiving hits from the, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, HongKong and other countries. Also, as the Neuro-Semantics community in the Philippines is growing, we are able to offer more courses, workshops and seminars in partnership with local and international trainers/coaches that are in line with Neuro-Semantics, Meta-Coaching, Leadership Coaching and Self Actualization.

If you are looking for reference materials, you may want to check out the bookstore. I’ll receive a small commission as part of the Amazon Affiliate Program when you buy your books there. We are also regularly sharing articles from the International Society of Neuro-Semantics and other relevant articles.

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Jan Michael Tan, ACMC

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